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TV / Radio, Microwave / Wireless, Fiber, Satellite, Security

    Microwave & RF Resources 




            Telecom, Broadcast, Security, Integrators / Resellars


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Microwave Systems

Advantech  Wireless  - Microwave STL/STL Links – Digital, Satellite HPA,  Modems, Antennas – www.advantechwireless.com

Alcatel Microwave -  Microwave, Telephone,  Data and IP Systems  www.alcatel-lucent.com

Avalon RF -  COFDM Microwave,  Portables and Antennas  www.avalonrf.com

Broadcast Microwave Corporation - video/audio/data,  DTV licensed  www.bms-inc.com

Carlson Wireless  -  Unlicensed long haul and white space radios  www.carlsonwireless.com

Ceragon Networks -  Microwave, Telephone, Data and IP Systems  www.ceragon.com

Digital and Microwave Systems Technology – FM, STL  www.damstech.com

Dragonwave  - Microwave Systems, Broadband Wireless Radios  www.dragonwaveinc.com

Hautespot Networks, - Full Duplex Wireless links/WMAX  www.hautespot.net

Koos Technical Systems - White Space Microwave Radios www.ktswireless.com

Mass Microwave – Used and Refurbished Microwave Systems www.massmicrowave.com

Memory Link – Flanger T1/E1 over wired/wireless links  www.memorylink.com

Microhard Systems – Data & IP Microwave – www.microhardcorp.com

Microwave Networks Telephone, data  and  IP www.microwavenetworks.com

Microwave Service Corporation, MSC – COFDM, video/audio/digital -  www.microwaveservice.com

Microwave Video Systems microwave, audio/video,  digital  www.microwavevideosystems.com

Moseley & Associates – Digital Microwave, Fixed/Portable, licensed/unlicensed –  www.moseleysb.com

Mountain Secure Systems Microwave,  IP systems – PTP,  Point to multi-point – www.mountainsecuresystems.com

MRC Microwave Systems – Digital Microwave, Fixed/Portable  www.vislink.com  

NeulNet - White Space radio- 16mb/s, PTP and Point to multipoint  www.neul.com

Nucomm Microwave Systems – Microwave, fixed/portable, video/audio + data, DTV licensed – www.nucomm.com

Premier Wireless – IP and Data Systems, security, wireless, unlicensed www.premierwirelessinc.com

Proxim Wireless Systems -  IP and Data Systems, wireless – www.proxim.com

Redline Communications wireless, audio/video/data, unlicensed  www.rdlcom.com

Star Microwave wireless, audio/video/data, licensed and unlicensed  www.starmicrowave.com

Trango Broadband – Video/Audio/Data, licensed and unlicensed  www.trangobroadband.com

Tranzeo Wireless – video/audio/data, unlicensed


VubiQ Microwave – 60Ghz, 1.45 Gb/s throughput



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                        MOSELEY MICROWAVE