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TV / Radio, Microwave / Wireless, Fiber, Satellite, Security

    Microwave & RF Resources 




            Telecom, Broadcast, Security, Integrators / Resellars


                            TV/Radio, Microwave, Wireless, Fiber, Satellite, Security                              Very Competitive Pricing            




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Broadcast Accessories – switches,  routers, filters,  batteries,  combiners,  connectors, enclosures ETC.


Adtran Networking – optical, switches, routers, streaming – www.adtran.com

Dow Key – switches, electronics, microwave accessories – www.dowkey.com

EMR Corp – RF filtering & amplification www.emrcorp.com

Interstate Battery Systems –battery solutions  www.interstatebattery.com

MCI Communications – broadcast combiners www.mcibroadcast.com

Pasternack – connectors/cable, RF and microwave components – www.pasternack.com

Quintech – matrix switchers, routers, RF management www.quintechelectronics.com

Thermo Bond - buildings and enclosures www.thermobond.com


Utah Scientific


                  THERMO BOND ENCLOSURES